Accelerate Product Adoption


*Our client needed to reach a specific audience quickly.

Accelerate the adoption of this new use for their product.
Quickly learn of barriers to adoption from potential new users.


A far-reaching plan, executed with agility.

Within 48 hours of the new product use receiving approval from the FDA, Beck Ag sent a mailing to members of the client’s target audience announcing the news and inviting them to take part in a discussion about the product and the new approved use. We then followed up with the recipients to confirm that they had received the information and to register them for the discussion. Through the course of these conversations, we were able to garner valuable information from the target audience and make significant updates to the client’s mailing database. The discussions featured a panel of 2-3 technical product experts who shared trial results and appropriate uses of the product. The sessions had an open format, and participants were encouraged to ask questions and share their concerns, which allowed our client to gain insight on some of the potential barriers to adoption. When each session concluded, participants had the opportunity to request follow up from a company representative. Following the discussions, Beck Ag sent a digital recording of the discussion and a professionally written summary of key discussion points to a secondary tier of the client’s target audience, as well as members of the original target audience who were unable to attend a discussion.


The target audience learned of the new FDA approval faster than traditional media, and moved through the adoption cycle closer to decision-making on product use.

Our client was able to make educated business decisions regarding their product’s new use.

As a result of our immediate action and thorough plan, we were able to conduct conversations with more than 1,200 potential buyers. Upon analysis of survey results, we found that around 95% of the total respondents would recommend use of the product in the next six months. 97% found that the program was worth attending. From the market insight we gathered, our client was able to better understand the factors that were influencing their customer’s behaviors and preferences relative to their product. Beck Ag delivered the results clients have come to count on us for!

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