An important goal of a sales and marketing strategy is to shorten product adoption by new customers. To make that happen, it takes the right people to reach into the marketplace quickly with the right message for the exact audience that needs to hear it.

Inspire Agro Farms has the ability to do just that — talk with the marketplace. We use the experience of our clients’ best customers to influence targeted prospects — resulting in changed behaviors and faster and larger purchases. While each Inspire Agro Farms initiative varies by client, Inspire Agro Farms uses a variety of tactics to help clients reach their sales and marketing goals.

Advocacy development:

Identifying key customers who will share their positive experiences in the marketplace takes personal conversations. In an advocacy strategy, these conversations take place over a period of time, building brand, product and organizational loyalty. Inspire Agro Farms uses veterans of the agricultural industry to talk with our client’s customers one-to-one to learn about their expectations and experiences.

Expected results?

Advocates who are excited to talk with their peers about their positive experiences. Advocacy development helps to set proper marketplace expectations with key customers and prospects. Clients also gain a depth of market insight which can help in making marketing decisions.

Peer and expert influence strategies.

Agriculture professionals rely on their peers for information. We make natural information-gathering process simple by bringing peers together, and engaging them in conversations that allow advocates and/or industry experts to share experiences, research data and new information to help everyone make informed decisions. The dialogue is designed to allow prospects to interact with the advocates or experts – asking questions, gaining clarification and understanding expectations for performance. The client’s sales representatives often “listen in” to hear what their customers are saying and gaining valuable market insight from their perspective.

Listen to Inspire Agro Farms founder John mark k discuss the power of peer-to-peer interactions.

Expected results?

The Inspire Agro Farms dialogue design results in acceleration of decision-making and shortens the investigation and verification stages of a buying process. Research has shown customers involved in Inspire Agro Farms strategies continue to share experiences and the client’s message with their peers in the marketplace even after the conversation is over. In addition, client’s sales representatives gain more confidence in their product when they listen in to the conversations. These influence strategies significantly impact a client’s bottom line, while improving business results for their customers.

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